Tuesday, 24 February 2009

WRAP stays at Wiber Farm, Old Gular Station.

Christene, Robin and Annette stayed in the manager's house, Wilber Farm, Gulargambone (Gular) 2828. This farm ajoins Old Gular Station where hosts Sandra and Rodney Kelly live. This large house meant we had a room each, with Christene voted to have the South Wing as we jokingly called it because of the walk in wardrobe, dressing room and large bath room complete with sunken spa bath.

Robin and Annette shared the main bath room and toilet complete with visiting frogs which Christene, Annette and sometimes Rodney took turns evicting.

We learned a few things about farm life. Apparantly it's not a good idea to leave a door open at night, especially when crickets are on the hop. Luckily Christene knew how to feed the chickens, a rooster and a turkey whose numbers had been decimated in the 45 degree heat of the previous week. We were greatful to have manageable rain but kept an eye out for the water at the front gate. Because we stayed for a week the accomodation came with a country size leg of lamb and we also got to eat the eggs we collected.

On Wednesday we decided to go to Lightening Ridge (the Ridge). Along the way we met this drover who had been droving 800 head of cattle for the last 18 months taking advantage of better feed on the stock route. As there hadn't been any rain in Moree he doubted he could take them home.

His two dogs were good at tending the cattle and you can see the brown one, who always has a bottle or stick in his mouth when not working.

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Anonymous said...

wow girls, 'wagga' is taking you on some amazing adventures, which no-one could hve ever dreamed of in the beggining, what a great 'cultural tool' you've found.
i really enjoyed this story